Woburn Abbey Gardens II

As a gardener at Woburn, my tasks included the maintenance of shrubbery and seasonal beds, turf care operations such as mowing, sowing and edging; pruning, topiary, interacting with garden visitors, assisting at the annual garden show, and contribution to the gardens overall presentation.


I was told the best way to cut the lawn is to focus on a point straight ahead in the distance, and aim towards that point.  Straight ahead are trees, and picking a focal point was not easy.  As can be seen from the cut lawn, there is room for improvement (And I’ve photographed one of the better parts!)  Maybe a cone placed along the path at the top would help as a focal point.


In the top photo, the Woburn Safari team, Abbey Gardens team and London team are all together, with the Duchess of Bedford in orange, at the U.S. Ambassadors Residence – Winfield House – in London

In the photos below from left to right I am taking a breather from being on plant creche duty at the Annual Garden show;  constructing temporary fencing between patches of the maze that have not fully grown, ready for the garden show; carefully planting up Bergenia around a tub edge in the East Court.  I enjoyed the variety of work on the Abbey Gardens with a mixture of solitary work and group work; quiet careful work and hard graft.  I’m generally energetic and I eagerly pitched in with anything I was tasked to do and worked hard at it.

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