Mucking out the Aviary

Other tasks at the Abbey Gardens included Mucking out the aviary.  The quails and pheasants were

harmless enough.

Working like a human chain of two, I shovelled the old wood chip towards the door, where David, my workmate for the day, shovelled it into a trailor.


We had a long trek through the Safari to the Evergreens to cut some fresh browse for the birds to help create a natural environment for them.  We collected conifer branches which are comfy for the birds by not presenting thorns and ideal for the birds to perch on.

Once the browse was carefully tied in place we resumed our human chain but in reverse. David piling the freshly collected wood chip into the aviary and me spreading it out to form a comfy fresh floor for the fowl.

The aviary was originally constructed in 1805 but cleared for easier maintenance during the war.  The one that stands now was constructed in 2011 as a more family friendly feature.



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