Watering planters in Vauxhall

Thrive had a contract with Wandsworth Council for the upkeep of some of their planters along Nine Elms, a gentrified area of London with many modern apartment blocks.  I worked with other staff members doing this on Wednesdays.  It was about a 45 minute trek walking through Battersea Park then along main roads to our site, wheeling all our equipment including the heavy duty tap and it’s paraphernalia.

The boxes around the tap make it more visable to help prevent pedestrians walking into it. We also place a hazard sign over the pipe and of course, we are in our high-vis vests.  This all helps us to comply with safety regulations.  The plan for Thrive is to turn this into an activity for some of the Boursin group.  This will help provide added responsibility, more experience and improved confidence for the gardeners.

As well as watering, dead heading was our other task here.  As at Woburn, I quickly found out here that there is no need to take too much care with these plants – all they need is a quick snip, and that’s it.  I was soon quite comfortable with which plants I was dead-heading – Dianthus, Coreopsis, Cosmos and Gaura –  and able to progress quite quickly without support.


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