Wandsworth Common

On Tuesdays I cycled out to another project on Wandsworth Common.  A different group visited here to take part in gardening activities.


This was a new project and our first task was to dig a trench to lay a pipe to transport water from the guttering of the project building to the pond, which had a leak.

Before work began, we discussed the best routes and methods to complete our task, then reviewed our plans when problems arose trying to feed the pipe under the decking by the pond edge.  We came up with various ideas and using trial and error we eventually succeeded.

Later on we harvested apples from an overhanging tree, sowed some vegetable seeds and pruned some shrubbery back along one of the pathways, allowing the gardeners to take the lead and show us staff how it is done.  This way provides the gardeners with a sense of empowerment.

As much as I enjoyed the work at Thrive, I’m unsure that I have the people skills to feel comfortable doing this work long term as a career choice.


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