Woburn Abbey Gardens

Driving the John Deere Gator was a daily part of getting ourselves and the days tools around the estate.

Many of the plants were kept at the main greenhouse and a trip here on a Gator with trailer in tow would be required to pick up plants for various bedding schemes.

I was shown how to perform daily checks which I was then tasked to do myself.  This involved checking the info boards were free from dirt and grime, checking all life rings were in place, propping up any plant pots in front of the shop that may’ve blown over in the night, and picking up any fallen branches that may be obstructing pathways.  I rose to this challenge and felt I got it done quickly and efficiently.  It was a good way to start the morning.


Working in the Abbey Gardens showed me everything that goes into creating and maintaining gardens to the standards expected by the Duke and Duchess of Bedford.  My inexperience of planting up a bedding scheme certainly showed, as I was immensely slow to begin with.  My speed did increase as the weeks went by though.

I enjoyed the variety of work on offer in the Abbey Gardens and I enjoyed seeing the end results of bedding schemes planted up, that would grow and come into full bloom over the following weeks.


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