Allotment Gardening

During my free time I visit the Nottingham Organic Gardeners in the Whitemoor area of Nottingham.  I love working in the outdoors, getting my fingers dirty, and seeing something rewarding at the end of it – and it’s even better if I can eat it.

Laying out the drills of garlic in preparation, on a no-till mound of organic matter, digging a little hole with a trusty trowell, then placing the garlic cloves the correct way up before burying them firmly.  A few weeks later and Mother Earth had produced some lush green garlic.  After a hard mornings graft there is always food to harvest which we then cook, prepare and eat!


I enjoy growing my own food and have numerous pot plants of herbs at home.  Accessing community allotments is another way for me to take part in growing food and I enjoy working along side others with similar interests.

Below I was working with two others to construct two new composting bays for all the green waste we collect.



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