Safari Maintenance

Woburn Safari Park covers 26 Hectares and a dedicated team is employed to look after and maintain the grounds.  These include animal enclosures, amenity areas and areas out-of-bounds to the public

I consumed several litres of water this day as it turned out to be a 37 degrees one day summer heat wave.  I was warned of the danger of leaving the petrol container in the sunlight today as an increase in temperature can cause pressure to build up potentially resulting in an explosion.  Strimming on the bank was more challenging than on flat ground and with several weeks of growth, this work was tough going.

After we’d finished strimming, we blew the leaves down the bank then used pitch forks to shove all the clippings onto a ten-tonne trailer, which we then transported away for composting.  The result was a much tidier and friendly looking grassed area around the Mammoth Play Ark.


I was taught how to re-thread the strimmer tape and trouble shooting tips as well. These proved useful as there seemed plenty that could go wrong with these machines.

The petrol was mixed at a ratio of 50:1 with the two-stroke oil.  We had learnt this during my first year in our horticulture technology module and it felt good to be using university knowledge out in the workplace.

Working on the safari was not what I expected as I thought there’d be more interaction with the animals in the enclosures. I’ve learnt that grounds maintenance on a safari, often spending a day with a backpac strimmer or blower on my back on a daily basis, is not an area of horticulture I wish to pursue.  This has been a fantastic opportunity and I’ve learnt a lot regarding grounds maintenance in the process.

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